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Call us @864-592-1900 for a quote on your automobilia or related project. Samples of some completed projects follow.
Custom made pull behind lawn mower yard cart. Let us design and build one for you today.
Fully restored General Motors service writer cabinet with distressed look on black panels to emulate vintage patina and appearance.
It's a cannon! Custom made in our shop by Wilson & Hank.

Antique Oliver Plow restored with new POR 15 paint to prevent rust and  nicely stained hickory handles.

Accel ignition cabinet with new graphics and lock.


1954 Henderson Tire Changer:

Before restoration pic: 


 After restoration:


 On display at it's new home:




 Tech Tire Repair Service Cabinet, 1976. Cleared and original paint and patina preserved. 





Tokheim model 300 Phillips 66 Flite Fuel gas pump, 1956.  

   (pics of restoration coming soon)



Two Sel - Oil, oil display service cabinets made by Modern Metal Products Co, Greensboro, N.C.  Both are the same size and are serial #'s RD 47688 and 47689. They still have the plastic catch or trash bins in the bottom compartment. Note the oil can spout in the pullout drawer.


Both cabinets had about a case of Ford Motorcraft oil comprised of 10w40 and 20w40.

They were originally the Phillips red/orange color but were painted white by a brush. Rust is actually surface and all panels are intact. The doors on both function. The plan is to go back with the phillips colors for the unit with a silver gray on the doors. Phillips decals will be added to the sides.     


One unit painted and cleared with decals.



 Restoration complete on both!



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