1951 3100 Chevy Truck Restoration

Meet "Alice" our '51 Chevy work in progress.  

1951 Chevy 3100 Pickup...................................Purchased on "Alice" on 10/12/07. Will post up beginning pics and pics at different stages through the process. Hopefully this will be a nice ol' stovebolt when completed!

Alice was used by a local block and brick company and purchased new by them. Her second owner drove her for a few years 1990- 1992 before parking her in an old shed.

Removing the old rusty bed with the assistance of the heat wrench where necessary. Frame is in good shape.

Lots of mason sand on and in the frame. Left rear cab will need a patch panel. Old bed below with sheet metal rot. Fenders are still in good shape and will be re-used.

Alice loses her front end

Metal to burn and sparks to fly!

The Manic Mechanic and Future Shop Rat hard at work.


Here is my home made alternator bracket made in about 4 hours on  a Saturday afternoon. It is a combination of several old brackets one from a 250 inline six and the other part from the stock 235. A little welding, lot of grinding and some geometry and it works great.
Cab back on frame with new mounts in place, used POR15 on frame. New brakes complete with lines and rebuilt master cylinder. She's a roller!
1956 235 replacement engine for the splash 216. Block back from T.E.R. Machine shop. We have completed installation of new pistons @.20, cam, crank, timing gear and installing oil pumup in the lst photo.
Progress continues, head now on and engine and transmission bolted in.
 Roy "Mr. Goodwrench" Shults teaching Wilson how to torque head bolts properly.
 Thanks for all your help Brother Roy!
Inner cab corner patch panel plug welded in with flux core.
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